Always when it’s too late…

I always realize when it’s too late. I realized that I shouldn’t have reacted like that. I shouldn’t have made such a big deal. But it hurt.

That awkward moment when you realize at the last minute you were wrong and you try to apologize and said person doesn’t want to hear it.

That awkward moment when you feel really stupid that the minute you want to change everything, said person doesn’t. I feel really bad. And I also feel like I can’t go back on how bad I’ve messed up.

Maybe that ship has sailed, maybe it hasn’t. I have no clue. But I know that I deserve the loss of that wonderful friendship because I was stupid.

So, at the moment I’m really glad that I don’t have to show my face around him right now, because that would just make me feel even more dumb.

So hopefully Nelson and I are on good terms again, and if we aren’t and never will be again, I accept that I had it coming for the way I acted.